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Presentations that I would be pleased to present to your Group of Family History Researchers

1. DNA and Genealogy

Anthropology or Genealogy ?  which DNA tests are useful in following your ancestors


2. The family historian is presented with many tools in the category of Genetics and DNA.  This series of sessions will take the mystery out of the products and tools.  Each session would present a tool explain what it does and how a genealogist would use it in his family history research.  All of these topics are from genealogist who has actually used the tests, all of them!

You select which classes you would like

The 50 minute classes would be

a. Y-DNA – what does it do for your genealogy

b. Autosomal tests that help you find living cousins and that missing family bible.  This would include reverse genealogy to find all descendants.

c. Anthropological tests which help you find when your ancestors lived as the took on surnames.  

d. Tests that help you prove you are NOT related to a particular group so you do not waste any more time on researching them!

e. The advanced tools one needs to master to use the advanced SNIP tests.  How to work with many matches on autosomal tests.

2.. Early European countries    


Follow European families through many 17th and 18th century  Maps of Europe


3. Should you do a “Surname study” or  a “One Name Study”

 When you find yourself in a situation where you have many people with the same name in your area of research what can you do to “get it Right”.  In Britain there is “The Guild of One-Name Studies“, learn how that type of research is done and how it differs from a Surname Study.


4. Early European Research

     Have you stood on the shoulders of previous researchers by referring to Compiled German genealogies pre world one, or  German Resettlement Records 1939 which contain extensive genealogies

5. Old Genealogy Books Online (google books et al)   

Technology moves on - The tools you need to know how to use to get the most out of the current and upcoming Genealogy explosion on the Internet

6. Self publishing your work

After you have discovered much of your Genealogy you can share it with the world in book form for less that $10 per copy and zero setup cost.